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 Fellowship  Application

Please fill out and include the following form with your application and email all documents in .PDF format to, with the Subject Line:  Saints and Scholars Fellowship.

Application Form to include:

I. Curriculum Vitae.

Your curriculum vitae should include information on all formal education obtained at the high school, college, and postgraduate levels.  Your application should also list any foreign languages you possess, including degrees of proficiency; and, and any special skills you may possess deemed noteworthy for the Fellowship. 

II. Letter of Support


Your application should include a letter of support from your Irish host organization clearly stating:


(i) its mission and its alignment with the mission of the Saints and Scholars Foundation;

(ii) the nature of the proposed engagement; and

(iii) in the event of a salaried position, the nature of the financial compensation that will be paid by the Irish host organization.


III. Statement of Intent


In addition to the host organization letter of support, the applicant should provide a statement of intent which clearly outlines the following:


1.  How does the proposed mission support the goals of the Saints and Scholars Foundation?


2.  What are your expected responsibilities and roles?


3.  What benefits do you foresee to both you and the host organization?


4.  What is the proposed start and end date?


5.  What remuneration, if any, is provided by the host organization in Ireland?


6.  What support is sought from the Saints and Scholars Foundation and how will this support be used

by the applicant?


7.  Any other information that can support your application including prior experience, connections with the host organization and commitment to authentic Catholic education.

Application Form 
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About the Saints and Scholars Foundation:


The Saints and Scholars Foundation supports faithful Catholic education in Ireland.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization under U. S. Federal law.

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