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Summer Fundraiser for Mater Dei


Established under the patronage of Our Lady of Knock in 2020, Mater Dei Academy is now entering its third year of operations; accordingly, the Saints and Scholars Foundation is pleased to announce its first Summer campaign to raise $21,000 for the school by August 21st, the 143rd anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Knock in County Mayo. As a non-tuition based school, Mater Dei Academy is entirely reliant on the financial contributions of donors and the gifts of volunteer time for its operations, which is why this campaign is so important.

Established with just twelve students, Mater Dei Academy now boasts a total enrollment of forty, and will be moving into a larger facility at the Farranferris Education and Training Campus in Cork.

While the classrooms at Farranferris were built specifically for this purpose, Mater Dei Academy needs a significant amount of equipment and furnishings to make the facility classroom-ready. In its current state, the school needs everything from items for the celebration of the Mass to classroom tables and chairs.

A specific inventory of items sought has been created:

- Albs for altar servers (qty. 4)

- Church linens (qty. 1)

- Church organ (qty. 1)

- Vestments for use of visiting priest (qty. 4)

- Classroom tables (qty. 20)

- Classroom chairs (qty. 35)

- Whiteboards (qty. 2)

- Projectors (qty. 1)

- Office computer (qty. 1)

- Staffroom table (qty. 1)

- Staffroom chairs (qty. 6)

- Ergonomic office chairs (qty. 4)

- Staffroom fridge (qty. 1)

- PE equipment (qty. 1)

- Clavinova (qty. 1)

- Library bookcases (qty. 4)

- First aid box (qty. 2)

- Textbooks for visiting students (qty. 10)

- Photocopier (qty. 1)

- Computer software licenses (qty. 20)

- Buildings and Liability Insurance (qty. 1)

Our goal of raising $21,000 will help ensure Mater Dei Academy continues to offer an authentic Catholic education to students in Ireland regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. As an independent lay-run classical Catholic school, financial contributions to Mater Dei Academy are entirely voluntary, and parents supplement those contributions with offerings of personal time to support the school’s academic efforts.

The result is in an academic environment illuminated by the tradition of faith and reason working in harmony. That education is extraordinary, and Mater Dei Academy is the only school in Ireland to meet the international standard assessment for Cambridge (IGSCE). A six-year curriculum, Mater Dei Academy immerses its students in the liberal arts tradition of the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), teaching Irish (Gaeilge), English, and Latin; as well as, mathematics and philosophy.

This is an historic opportunity to participate in a cultural shift. The Saints and Scholars Foundation now asks if you are willing to aid these students in carrying this bold and joyful witness forward into Ireland and throughout the world.

Your gift of $100, $50, or even $25 helps ensure that Mater Dei Academy continues to offer an authentically Catholic education. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to aid Irish students in obtaining an education ensconced in the Truth, deeply Catholic, offered without compromise.

Please DONATE here.

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