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Recent changes in the Irish constitution on fundamental moral questions such as abortion and the nature of marriage pose real challenges for Catholic education.  Following government directives and initiatives, the reality is that many aspects of state-sponsored education in Ireland are now diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching.  There is a growing movement to remove religious symbols such as crucifixes from Catholic school classrooms, for example.  Yet many schools are still called “Catholic” thanks to their historical linkages to religious communities.


In the past, many Irish Catholic schools were blessed with a strong presence of religious teachers and staff – but today almost all elementary and secondary education in Ireland is funded and directed by the central government.   
Catholic parents need  a new model of Catholic education in Ireland.
The new model is independent, lay-controlled, and follows a classical curriculum.
There have never been schools like that in Ireland until now.
Helping these schools is what The Saints and Scholars Foundation is all about.



The Saint and Scholars Foundation is a charity that seeks to promote a new model of Catholic education in Ireland. Through our work, we create an environment where parents have access to quality education for their children, rooted in Catholic faith and values. We recognize the need for independent, lay-controlled schools that provide a classical curriculum to students. Students of Mater Dei Academy have the potential of obtaining the Irish Leaving Certification and Mater Dei is also a Cambridge International School, one of only two in Ireland.


“The Church is bound as a mother to give to these children of hers an education by which their whole life can be imbued with the spirit of Christ and at the same time do all she can to promote the complete perfection of the human person, the good of earthly society and the building of a world that is more human.”

- Gravissimum Educationis


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