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Connaught Marshner,


A freelance writer and commentator who operates her own consultancy for nonprofit organizations, Mrs. Marsher is also fluent in Irish at the European Framework A2 level. Mrs. Marshner offers classes in the Irish language in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia though the Shenandoah Gaeltacht, which she founded.


Mrs. Marshner provides a diverse background in education and public policy, beginning with her early work at the Heritage Foundation, and as Chair of the Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education for the US Department of Education. She became the Founding Editor of the Family Protection Report, and Director of the Family Policy Division at the Free Congress Foundation following her work with the Committee for Survival of a Free Congress PAC. She was later named Executive Vice President of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation. She is also a past Director of Student Affairs and Career Development at Christendom College, a past senior officer of the Leadership Institute, a past Executive Director of the Susan B. Anthony List PAC, and a past President for Development at the American Family Business Institute.


Mrs. Marsher completed her undergraduate degree in English at the University of South Carolina.

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