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Connaught Marshner,


Connaught Marshner is an author and advocate for education reform, and the renewal of the Irish language.
Formerly she was Chair of the Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education of the U.  S. Department of Education.  Her books include:  Blackboard Tyranny,
Decent Exposure, Can Motherhood Survive?, and A Blueprint for Education Reform.
In 2017, she founded the Shenandoah Gaeltacht, to help keep the Irish language and authentic Irish history and culture alive in the northern Shenandoah Valley.
In 2022, she received a Master’s Degree in Gaelic Literature from University College Cork with
First Honours.  
She lives in Front Royal, Virginia, with her husband, William, who was a founding faculty member of Christendom College, from where she conducts Irish language classes on Zoom.

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