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The 2022-23 Academic Year Has Begun!


The 2022 academic year at Mater Dei Academy has begun! In preparation for the new academic year, Mater Dei Academy has seen the chapel and classrooms of the Farranferris Education and Training Campus transformed with liturgical vestments and school furnishings.

Closing-out its fundraising campaign, the school acquired nearly $20,000 in financial contributions, with additional donated goods valued in excess of $12,000. Thank you for making this move a reality! On behalf of Mater Dei Academy’s students, parents, teachers, and staff, we wish to offer an acknowledgment of gratitude to all those who donated in support of the school’s requisite needs at the relocated campus.

With the opening of its new chapel, Mater Dei Academy is also inviting the public in Cork to visit the campus and join the students for daily Lauds, Mass, and Vespers.


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